Sakushima Nekko Juku – 西尾観光
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Sakushima Nekko Juku

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    Within Sakushima, Isshikicho, Nishio City Director: Hideki Tani


To build a person’s “nekko” (one’s fundamental character and personal capacity).

What happens when you develop your “nekko”?

・You can face any situation without fear.
・You will have the resilience to survive in the rough seas of modern society.
・You will develop the ability to understand the fulfilment that lies within discomfort.
・You can gain the confidence to overcome challenges.

How to achieve this?

By “knowing yourself”.
Knowing yourself is essential for nurturing your “nekko”. Children actively engage in various activities at Nekko Juku for this purpose.

①Providing a place to play in nature
・Activities on Sakushima, a friendly place full of nature
・Supervising staff
・A program where children can think, make choices, and act on their own
② Providing a place to experience putting in time and effort
・Experience the rustic lifestyle of the recent past
・Farm work and more
※Adults are also welcome to participate in these experiences

About Director Tani

Opened a school for developing character and personal progression in 2012 He handles the planning and operation of nature experience courses for children. We also hold seminars teaching the importance of nature experiences for adults and parents.

Currently, Nekko Juku’s activities center around providing a place to have experiences, while teaching the positive aspects of sustainable living and knowledge of how to use natural resources.

Activity areas and contents

Sakushima in Mikawa Bay, Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture. The remote island, Sakushima is a place brimming with nature that still follows the old ways of living. You can also enjoy “art” walks, a temple pilgrimage, hiking, fishing, ocean swimming, and more.

At the beach-side Nekko Juku, surrounded by nature, you can play all day while experiencing a traditional rustic lifestyle.

Traditional Rustic Life Experience

What do adults need now?
Nekko Juku can offer the chance to spend some time just being in nature. Experiencing a traditional lifestyle is a chance to get to know yourself. Why not spend time on your personal development even as an adult?

TargetFor adults and children
※We also accept reservations for corporate retreats
Hours10:00 am – 2:30 pm
Max. number of students15
How to applyCall directly or apply via the Nishio City Tourism Association or through a travel agent.
●Nekko Juku Director Hideki Tani (TEL: 090-7683-9446)
●Nishio City Tourism Association (TEL: 0563-57-7882 )
(Weekdays 8:30 am – 5:30 pm Ask for Mori).
Schedule●Arrive at Nekko Juku at 10:00 am. (Board the boat at Isshiki Port at 9:30 am. Disembark at West Saku Island
Port and walk for about ten minutes to destination)

●10:00 am- 12:00 pm: wood-chopping, campfire-building, cooking rice in a clay pot, making vegetable curry, making miso soup.

●12:00 pm – 1:00 pm: Lunch (curry rice, miso soup, and Saku Island seafood barbecue) and clean up.

●1:00 pm – 2:30 pm: Free Activities (Please enjoy the art, sea, mountains, and Nekko Juku as you like).

●2:30 pm: Finish (It takes about 20 minutes from Saku Island West Port to Isshiki Port on the 14:57 ferry.

Other Experience Options

Tsuri Juku

A specialized “fishing school” that we can enjoy thanks to our island location. Along with a professional fishing teacher, you can enjoy a day learning all about fishing, from managing your equipment to cleaning and preparing the fish you caught to maintaining your knives.

Camp Nekko

Put up a tent and spend some time on the Nekko Juku grounds.