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How to make tea

Hand-made green tea①

The recipe

①Wash the picked leaves with running water and drain it.

②Put the leaves into a steamer and steam them for 30 seconds and stir them well. Then, steam for 30 seconds again.
*If the stem can be bent without snapping off, that is the sign you steamed well enough. Let the steamed leaves cool down.

③Put a pan on low heat and stir-fry the leaves until any excess water are gone.
(About 10-15 minutes) Do not use oil.
*Now, you need to get focused. The Umami flavor makes the leaves stick to the pan. Try to flip the leaves in a pan well.

④When the leaves begin to turn to black, take them out on a plate and remove the stem.
*The stem contains a lot of water. Therefore, if the stem and leaves are dried together, the leaves will be burned easily.

⑤Put the pan on low heat again and flip it well not to be burned until any excess water are gone.
*From now, keep shaking the pan to avoid getting the leaves burned.

⑥After 2-3 minutes, take the leaves out on a plate and rub them to small pieces by hands.
*Dried leaves can be small pieces. Moist leaves are soft.
*Repeat the processes ⑤~⑥. (10-15 minutes)
*Please be careful not to burn yourself.

*When the leaves become dry and crispy, they are complete.
*The tea quality can be easily changed by the humidity, so please put the leaves into a container.
*The use of the tea. As tea Pour lukewarm water into a teapot and drink.

Hand-made green tea. Make some teas in a microwave

The season of fresh green♪If there is a tea tree in your garden, would you like to pick the leaves and make some tea?

The ingredients

Tea leaves(Fresh leaves) Proper amount

The recipe

①Put the picked leaves into a big strainer.

②If you picked a big strainer full of tea leaves, divide up into 3 times for tea making.
If you make a lot of tea at once, it will take longer to dry.

③Make tea soon after picking. First, wash the leaves lightly.

④Drain the leaves properly and put them on a heat-resistant dish, and then microwave them for 2 minutes. By doing so, the leaves become steamed.

⑤Steamed leaves are very hot.
Please be careful with burns and rub the leaves strongly.
Rubbing the leaves on a chopping board might be an easier way.
Rub and squeeze the leaves for 2-3 minutes to get rid of any excess water.

⑥Put the leaves in a microwave again and warm them for 1 minute. From now, let them dry.

⑦Repeat the step ④ and ⑤ rubbing and drying procedures 5 or 6 times. The smell of the first picked tea of the year breathes.

⑧The leaves are getting less watery and becoming crispy.
When the water is gone completely, they are complete.

⑨Completed tea leaves,
in case, the leaves are not dry completely after attempts through a microwave, put a pan on low heat and then fry the leaves to dry gently.

⑩Once the leaves are complete, let’s make tea to drink.