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Nishio Experience

Matcha Experience

At “Matcha Museum SAIJOEN Waku Waku,” you can observe the manufacturing process, blend tea leaves, hand grind the blended tea leaves with a stone mill, make tea and enjoy your own brew in a tearoom.

Experience time10:00~, 13:00~, 15:00~
Time required45 minutes, 75 minutes
Fee75 minute plan: ¥500 per person
45 minute plan: free of charge
*Reservations required
ReservationsCall 0563-77-6572 (9:30~17:00)
Address15 Yokomachiyashiki, Kami-machi, Nishio City
Hours9:30~18:30 Last order 17:30
ClosedEvery first Thursday of each month (except for May, July and December) and New Year holidays
Hands-on museumReservations required at 0563-77-6572
WebsiteMake a reservation from our website.

Matcha Experience

Make a tour of the matcha factory, hand grind tea leaves with a stone mill, make tea and enjoy your own brew.
A tea whisk will be presented as a souvenir.
*A tea whisk is a tea ceremony utensil you can see each woman in the photo holding with her right hand.

【9:00~16:00 *Reservations required ¥1,500 per person】

At the café on the first floor of the shop, you can prepare matcha by yourself and enjoy your own brew.

【10:00~18:00 *Reservations required ¥600~per person】
Time required45 minutes
ReservationsCall 0563-54-3360
*For factory tours and stone mill grinding experience, please make a reservation at least one week in advance.
PlaceShokakuen (Main Shop)
Address50-2 Kami-machi Minamiarako, Nishio City
Matcha Café10:00~18:00 (Last order)

Matcha Experience

At the matcha factory, a tea specialist will provide you with a detailed explanation. Then you will enjoy usucha (thin tea) of the highest quality together with dried confectionary.

【reservations required ¥350 per person】

You can also prepare matcha by yourself and enjoy your own brew.

【¥500 per person】

Tea ceremony classes and nerikiri (Japanese cake) making classes are also available.

Experience time(1) 10:00 (2) 11:00 (3) 13:30 (4) 14:30
(Other times are subject to arrangements.)
ReservationsCall 0563-57-2570 (9:00~17:30)
Address7 Kamlyashiki, Kami-machi, Nishio City
HoursSABO AOI (2F) 10:00~18:00 Last order 17:30
Shop (1F) 9:00~18:00
Advanced reservations available.
*SABO AOI (2F) is open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays only.
ClosedThursdays and every fourth Sunday

Matcha Experience & Kimono Experience

The residence – relocated from Kyoto to Nishio City History Park – conveys the culture of tea ceremony. You can enjoy drinking matcha in the drawing room or tearoom (¥450 per person). You can also prepare matcha by yourself and enjoy your own brew.

【reservations required ¥500 per person】

Enjoy your own Little Kyoto kimono experience by wearing kimono and walking along old streets or in the history park.

【¥5,500 (including matcha) per person, at least 2 persons required per reservation】
Matcha experience time10:00~17:00
Time required: 30 minutes~
ReservationsCall 0563-54-6758 9:00~18:00 (October~March 17:00)
Reservations for kimono experienceNishio City Tourism Association
Tel: 0563-57-7882
(At least 3 days in advance)
*The kimono experierce is not available on Mondays and Tuesdays.
PlaceFormer Konoe Residence
Address231-1 Kinjo-cho, Nishio City
Hours9:00~18:00 (October~March 17:00)
ClosedMondays (except for national holidays), and December 29~January 3 of the following year (when being privately reserved)

Strawberry Picking

Enjoy lots of shiny ripe strawberries! At the café, enjoy meals, matcha, strawberry sweets, and famous baumkuchen.

【Adults (13 years of age and up) ¥1,900】

Eat as much as you like for 60 minutes.
*Reservations required

PlaceKing Farm Cafe
Address6-1 Sakashita, Nichiazai-cho, Nishio City
(In front of King Farm Café)
AccessA 15 minute drive from Nishio Station
OpenMid-December~late May (10:00~16:00)
ClosedJanuary 1 only

Healing Experience with Miso

Tour the inside of a miso storehouse of a long-established miso manufacturer founded in 1861 free of charge (30 minutes required). Offers a range of experiences such as making your own original misomaru (miso soup balls) are available.

【¥1,000 per person, 60 minutes required】

*Reservations required (at least one week in advance).
There is also a shop.
What is Miso? About Miso Park

PlaceMiso Park Hatoya
Address21-1 Aduma-cho, Nishio City
Access10 minute walk from Nishio Station
ClosedOpen throughout the year

Salt Making Experience

Nishio has been active in the production of salt in Mikawa Bay since the ancient times. Learn the history of the salt field and salt manufacturing method in an enjoyable way through a salt making experience.

【Saltwater boiling experience : ¥200 】

*Reservations required
About Nishio’s salt

PlaceNishio City Salt Field Experience Center Kira Aibajio no Sato
Address59-1 Shirahamashinden Miyamae, Kira-cho Nishio City
AccessA 10 minute drive from Kira Yoshida Station
Hours9:00~17:00 (Admission for saltwater boiling experience until 16:15)
ClosedMondays (Open when Monday is a national holiday), and December 29~ January 3 of the following year
AdmissionFree of charge

Mini Tatami Goods Workshop

Make mini tatami mats【¥1,000 per mat, 60 minutes required】
and coasters.【¥500 per two pieces, 45 minutes required】
Reservations required *Please make a reservation in advance by telephone.
Inquiries regarding group experiences will be accepted.

PlaceSakakibara Tatami Ten
Address143 Kamiyokosuka ikehata, Kira-cho, Nishio City
AccessA 10 minute walk from Kami Yokosuka Station
Hours9:00~12:00, 13:00~16:00
(Telephone reception time: 8:00~20:00)
ClosedIrregular holidays

Glass Art Experience

Enter a fantastic colorful experience inside a kaleidoscope!
The sandblast workshop to sculpt and create your own work by sandblasting a small glass plate or a cup

【¥2,000 per person, 60 minutes required】

and the stained glass workshop are popular.
For glasswork workshops, priority is given to those with a reservation.

PlaceMikawa Kogei Glass Museum
AdmissionAdults (13 years of age and up) ¥700
Address5 Togo, Toyama-cho Nishio City
AccessA 10 minute drive from Nishio Station
Hours10:00~17:30 (Last entry 17:00)
ClosedMondays, every first Tuesday, and New Year Holidays

Emergence of a sandbar connecting the mainland and an island

At Tombolo Higata, a rare tombolo phenomenon becomes visible and walkable at low tide, allowing you to walk right up to Maeshima, an uninhabited island! Since this phenomenon occurs due to the rise and fall of the tide, you can experience the wonder of nature.
*This phenomenon cannot be seen when there is no tidal variation.
No reservations required Free of charge

PlaceTombolo Phenomenon
AddressHigashihazu Fishery Cooperative
20-3 Kokengyoda, Higashihazu-cho, Nishio City
AccessA 15 minute walk from Higashi Hazu Station


Founded in 1600, this Rinzai sect Myoshinji School temple belonged to the Kira clan. Why not look inward at yourself while viewing the traditional Japanese rock garden and meditating.

PlaceKezoji Temple
Admission¥500 (with a bowl of matcha)
No reservations required.
Address67 Okayama Sannosan, Kira-cho, Nishio City
Access15 minute drive from Nishio Station

Magnificent scenery

The summit of Mt. Sangane commands a spectacular view overlooking Mikawa Bay.
The rising sun and setting sun ar e impressive. In June, 70,000 hydrangeas are in full bloom.
No reservations required Free of charge.

PlaceMt. Sangane Skyline and Hydrangea Road
Mt. Sangane Skyline Tollgate
Address1-141 Nyukaizan, Higashihazu-cho, Nishio City
AccessA 20 minute drive from Higashi Hazu Station

Fishing Boat Cruise and Art Tour in Sakushima

Take a fishing boat steered by fishermen to visit around Sakushima. You can view the island from the boat.
The captain and fisherman show us interesting places and hidden stories of this island.
After lunch, we walk around Sakushima on foot visiting art installations scattered in nature (wear rain gear in case it rains).Sakushima offers untouched nature surrounded by old coastlines with rocks, cliffs and wildflowers.
Sakushima Art works are scattered in the island in harmony with nature. You will have an unforgettable art experience that you can see, touch, climb, and enter …. You can use your unlimited imagination to feel the art
You can also interact with cute cats and friendly locals who live on the island.

For lunch, you will enjoy fresh local seafood dishes that are unique to the island surrounded by the sea. Art that is scattered throughout the island and in harmony with nature is an experience that you can see, touch, climb, and enter is.

PlaceSakushima Island
AddressSakushima, Isshiki-cho, Nishio city
Experience time8:15~
Time required8 hours
Schedule8:15 Meet at Nishio Station Guide
8:40 About 30 minutes by bus from Nishio
9:08 Isshiki Sakushima Tosenba
9:30 Departure to Sakushima About 30 minutes by boat
10:00 Arrival at Sakushima Higashi Port, sightseeing and art tour by fishing boat
Take a fishing boat to see Sakushima→Lunch→Seamen→Apollo (Seagull parking lot)→East House
14:50 Departure to Isshiki, Sakushima East Port
15:35 After arriving at Isshiki, take a road bus to Nishio station for about 30 minutes
16:05 Arrive at Nishio Station
Travel pricePrice 1 person participation 39,000 yen,
2 people participation 23,000 yen,
3 people participation 17,000 yen
Participation by 4 or more people 15,000 yen
Cancellation policyUntil 2 days before: 0%
the day before / on the day: 50%
After starting and without contact cancellation: 100%
ContactNishio City Tourism Association
(Nishio Convention Hall 1F , west of Nishio Station)◆8:30~17:30
Address : 4-64 ,Hananoki-cho,Nishio City
Tel : 0563-57-7882
Closed : Saturdays , Sundays and Public holidays