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Original Salad Dressing Class

Dressing Trivia

  • dressing
  • dressing
  • The founder of Kewpie, famous for its dressings and mayonnaise was born in Nishio, Aichi prefecture in 1883.

What is emulsification?

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  • Oil and water (vinegar) do not mix; however, they can be combined through movement and an emulsifier (such as egg yolk). Mayonnaise is in a state of emulsification.
    Tonkotsu (pork bone) soup (a milky color) and pasta sauces are delicious because they have been emulsified.

Dressing Ingredients

Rapeseed oilmild and smooth
Olive oilthick with an olive flavor
Grain vinegar
(acidity 4.2)
Apple vinegar
(acidity 5.0)
more sour than it sounds
Miso dare
(miso sauce)
Miso oden base
Tamari soy sauce100% soybeans, rich and dark soy sauce
White soy sauce95% wheat, pale soy sauce

2 Oils × 2 Vinegars × 3 Seasonings
= 12 Different Combinations

How to make a dressing

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  • ☆ Choose one type of oil, one type of vinegar, and one type of seasoning. The order that you put them in doesn’t matter.
    * Be careful as the oil can easily spill.
    ☆ Measure out a cup (about 60ml) of oil and a cup of vinegar, and put them in the container.
    ☆ Measure half a cup (about 30ml) of seasoning and put it in the container.
    ☆ Put a large spoon of light brown sugar in the container.
    ☆ Put a small spoon of salt in the container.
    ☆ Add two to three shakes of pepper to the container.
    ☆ Closed the lid tightly and shake the container up and down to emulsify.
    ☆ Open the small cap at the top and sample the dressing by putting a drop onto the sampling spoon.

  • dressing
  • On the blank side of the sticker, use the colored pens to write today’s date and your own original name for your dressing .
    Then stick it across the container.

    Check that both lids of the container are closed and put the dressing along with the textbook inside the plastic bag and close the top.

    Please take your dressing home as a souvenir.
    Once you get home, keep it in the fridge and consume it within 2 to 3 weeks. When the container is empty, wash it, and after it’s dry, try making another dressing at home.